What Is Electromyography & What Does It Diagnose?

Nerve cells, also called motor neurons in this context, are what help your muscles function properly. Improper function can mean either a muscle or nerve disorder among other conditions, and it is these that an electromyography exam can help diagnose. If you would like to learn more than what's covered below regarding an electromyography exam or related tests you can contact your local health professionals of Rehabilitation Physicians in Novi, Livonia, and Howell, MI.

Why You May Need the Exam

If your doctor suspects you may be suffering from a muscle or nerve problem they may recommend you undergo an electromyography exam. This exam translates the electric signals taking place between nerve cells into something readable by humans. It's these signals that tell your muscles to either contract or relax and the electromyography exam can tell your doctor how well these tissues are communicating with one another.

Symptoms like tingling, numbness, weakness in the muscle, pain, cramping, and involuntary muscle twitching can all be signs that something is wrong in these connections and an electromyography exam may be able to show that.

Electromyography in Novi, Livonia, and Howell, MI

The exam is usually performed in two stages, the first uses small sensors on the surface of the skin to examine how capable your nerve cells are at transmitting electrical signals. The second part evaluates these electrical signals by using small needle electrodes.

An electromyography exam is typically very low risk but you may feel some soreness in the days after treatment, this can be managed with the use of over-the-counter pain medication. You should, however, be diligent for inflammation at the site of the exam, it's rare but tell your doctor right away if you notice these symptoms.

If you need an electromyography exam or help with muscle or nerve disorders you can schedule a consultation with Rehabilitation Physicians in Novi, Livonia, and Howell, MI, by dialing (248) 893-3200.

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