Back Pain

Treatment For Back Pain in Novi & Howell, MI

Back pain can make it difficult to get through your day. It’s a common problem seen by rehabilitation specialists. Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under the age of 45. Millions of Americans experience back pain every year. Back pain, the most common musculoskeletal pain, may arise from muscle, tendons, ligaments, other soft tissue, and joints, but most often has no clear identifiable cause.

Failed Back Syndrome (FBS), also called failed back surgery syndrome, may result in chronic severe pain of the back and/or legs caused by complications following back or spine surgery or during the healing process. Common symptoms of FBS are dull and aching pain in the back and/or the legs, and abnormal sensations like sharp, prickling or stabbing pain in the extremities.

We treat a range of disabling back conditions that affect the muscles, spine and nerves including back pain and FBS, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and scoliosis.

People with disabling chronic pain lasting more than three months despite surgery, medication and other treatments will benefit from our Functional Recovery Program. This program is designed to return people to work, sports and the activities of daily living while potentially eliminating the need for surgery, pain medications and frequent office visits.

Causes of Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain, including vehicular accidents, sports injuries, overuse, lifting heavy objects, poor body mechanics, poor posture, foot issues, and chronic diseases like arthritis.

Prevention of Back Pain

Remember that you can do a lot to prevent back pain if you:

  • Sit straight and have good posture
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects without help
  • Use good body mechanics when you move
  • Warm up and stretch before performing physical activity
  • Wear supportive footwear for what you are doing
  • Maintain a healthy weight to prevent stress on your back
  • Sleep on a medium to firm mattress
  • Always wear your seat belt

Simple Tips To Relieve Mild Back Pain

For occasional, mild back pain, you may be able to get some relief if you try:

  • Doing gentle stretches to maintain flexibility
  • Applying ice or heat to your back
  • Taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain medication
  • Getting a massage to relax your back muscles

How Your Rehabilitation Doctor Can Help With Back Pain

If you suffer from moderate to severe back pain or back pain that doesn’t resolve with home remedies, it’s best to see your rehabilitation doctor. Your doctor may recommend additional tests and imaging studies to determine if a structural or medical condition is causing your back pain.

Professional Treatments for Back Pain

After your rehabilitation doctor has determined the cause of your back pain, the doctor may recommend:

  • Prescription medications to reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Applying ice and heat to your back
  • Therapeutic massage to relax your back
  • Back braces to provide support and proper alignment
  • Counseling about proper body mechanics, lifting, and other movements

To find out more about the causes and treatment of back pain, call the doctors at Rehabilitation Physicians. You can reach them in either of their two office locations in Novi, and Howell, MI, by calling (248) 893-3200, so call today.

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