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Multiple Locked System (MLS Laser)

MLS laser therapy is a safe and pain-free way to reduce swelling within the body while allowing patients to enjoy a shorter recovery time. By stimulating cells with amplified, focused light-waves, laser therapy encourages the reduction of inflammation and stimulates the production of nitric oxide, helping cells to function naturally.

Regenerative Medicine

Every day our joints go through a delicate balance of damage and repair. We make cells as well as loose cells. When we were younger, we could easily keep up this balance. However, injury and age lead to an imbalance of damage over the repair. The result is a painful joint. Bone marrow-derived stem cells provide a way for the body to jump-start the healing process and restore the healthy balance in favor of repair.

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMT)

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, a hands-on technique that is used to correct structure, and help facilitate appropriate function. When there are restrictions somewhere in the musculoskeletal system, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine augments and relieves those restrictions.


For accurate EMG results, the EMG should be performed by a physician with specialized training, not a technician, or non-physician. Rehabilitation Physicians is uniquely qualified to provide EMG and nerve conduction studies and has several physicians board-certified in electrodiagnostic medicine.

Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS), are generally performed along with EMG test to further evaluate nerve disease. NCS is used to identify any nerve abnormalities including damage, blocks, and damage or loss of fatty insulation (myelin) around the nerve. NCS can also provide information regarding the condition of the nerve fiber.

Functional Goals

In this video Ellenberg, MD. talks about why you would go to a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, and what they do. In this video, the topic of Achieving Functional Goals are also discussed.

Our board-certified and fellowship-trained physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, called Physiatrists, are experts in muscle, soft tissue, bone, and nerve. Through their in-depth training and medical knowledge of those systems, Physiatrists help patients restore function, and manage painful conditions utilizing the most advanced treatments and therapies without surgery.

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