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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Just about everyone can remember a time when they could get up from a chair without ever considering their joints. No discomfort, no pain, no imbalance. But with the years all that tissue which is under constant stress and repeated friction can no longer regenerate itself like it once used to. Traditional medicine handles these changes by seeking to manage the discomfort enough to allow you to maintain your quality of life. Regenerative medicine, through your local experts Howell, Novi, and Livonia, MI, on the other hand, aims to apply techniques that encourage your body to heal itself. You can learn much more by reaching out to Rehabilitation Physicians, PC.

Stem Cells

The body's cells follow a cycle of decay and regeneration and they are able to replenish their numbers throughout most of life. It's later in years when this cycle becomes more difficult to maintain. That is, for typical cells. A physician who practices regenerative medicine can employ therapeutic stem cells at the affected part of the body to sort of jump-start the regenerative process. It is rather an oversimplification of what takes place but that is something that these cells can accomplish.

Stem cells used, particularly adult stem cells developed from bone marrow, can have many benefits including allowing the body to repair and regrow tissue and help with matters of mobility and discomfort. Unlike other cells, stem cells do not yet have an assigned purpose and so can be introduced into different parts of the body and can replicate for longer than normal cells.

Regenerative Medicine in Howell, Novi, and Livonia, MI

There is much more to know about the specifics of how these regenerative treatments work and how they can help with your own specific circumstances. For that, you'll want to pay the office a visit.

If you believe you may benefit from regenerative medicine you can schedule a consultation in Howell, Novi, and Livonia, MI, with your local professionals of Rehabilitation Physicians, PC, by dialing (248) 893-3200.

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