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Edward Loniewski, DO

Cellular Healing9

Dr. Loniewski completed his residency through Michigan State University in Orthopedic Surgery, graduating with multiple research honors including the Andrew Taylor Still and Alvin Yarrow awards as well as the AOA Burroughs-Wellcome Research Fellowship.  He completed a full year fellowship in Adult Reconstruction at the University of Chicago Hospitals with Dr. Henry Finn.  He has extensive experience with regenerative medicine techniques since 1996,and has been a consultant for orthopedic biologic companies such as Eli Lilly, Biomet/Zimmer, Celling Bio-sciences and AVM Biotechnology.  He has worked with some top researchers in stem cell therapy such as  Philippe Hernigou, MD of the University of Paris and Theresa Deisher, P.hD. of AVM Biotechnology .  Dr. Loniewski has developed bone marrow protocols and videos for avascular necrosis of the hip as well as subchondroplasty of the knee.