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Complete diagnostics are the first step to recovery. Rehabilitation Physicians, PC brings you decades of clinical experience. We are the trusted choice for physicians and patients who need highly specialized diagnostic testing. Our providers are trained in the most advanced technology available, including Electromyography (EMG), Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS), diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound, fluoroscopic interventional pain management, and interpretation of multiple laboratory studies. The diagnostic evaluation also includes comprehensive assessments of musculoskeletal and neurologic systems. Most importantly, every evaluation begins with a conversation with you.

Understanding You
Our physiatrists want to understand your condition, how you feel and how it affects your daily life. In addition, we'd like to know more about your past tests and treatments and your goals for recovery or regaining function. Some patients may be asked to complete a pain drawing to better understand the location, type, and intensity of pain. Family support and involvement are strongly encouraged, especially for patients with stroke, head injury, or a chronic condition. Together, patients, family members, and the physiatrist are partners in the assessment process and treatment plan.

We have created a form package specifically for new and re-established patients and a form package for our current and established patients. These packages include our policies, HIPPA forms, and everything you need to begin a successful treatment program with us. Once you have your forms, please print them and bring your completed forms with you to your first appointment.

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